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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, toddlers trade blows on an area street as adults look on laughing. we talked to the woman who reported this now viral video to police. >> developing. a pennsylvania supreme court justice with local ties suspended amid a growing pornographic e-mail scandal. >> and tracking rain, first alert radar reveals some unsettled weather rolling our way. >> good evening. >> we first showed you the video today on "nbc 10 news at 4:00."
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two young children fistfighting on a wilmington street. tonight, nbc 10's luan ckhan spoke to the woman who spoke to police. >> what did that woman say? rr she said that 15,000 people viewed the video on facebook and nobody was doing anything about it. we've blurred the faces of the children to protect them. >> reporter: kbr >> reporter: prbrittany is a special ed teacher and she says she immediately called police. >> the moegs disturbing part is i didn't get any response after i reported it. i was shaken off.
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kind of almost made me feel silly to call. >> but the responses on her facebook page have been overwhelming. >> they don't know what they're doing. that's not right. >> much the same as the response from this community counselor and this grandfather of six living in the same neighborhood where we believe the child fight took place. >> it's violence and it's adults condoning the violence. >> police say they are investigatings. and they're looking for this man. the man they believed to have taken the video. >> they'll have weapons. because of that particular incident right there. that's how it started. >> and that's why taking action to report it is a no-brainer for this teacher. >> police say because this is a matter involving young children, they may not release more
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information about this right now. but their investigation is continuing. live in delaware, luan chan. >> new at 11:00, another possible sighting tonight of accused cop killer, eric frein. frei remains at large at this hour. police say dna results for drops of blood found on someone's porch in barrett township do not belong to frein. this afternoon, s.w.a.t. and k-9 moved in. police say someone saw frein close to here last friday night, too. he's warnted for allegedly shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in pike county, killing one and wounding another. >> more news on an e-mail porn scandal. seamus mccaffery has been suspended. he can't peril form any duties until the judicial conduct board
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finishes its review. last week, revealing 230 sexually explicit content. a vindictive pattern of attacks against him. tonight, mccaffery's lawyer said -- >> turning to weather, it's feeling a lot like fall in center city. another item you'll want to keep close at hand in the coming days. an umbrella.
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>> we have some showers actually moving into the area right now. mostly north and west of philadelphia. so, for berks and lancaster county, some light to moderate showers around lancaster county and the reading area. these sowers will slow slowly move up to the northeast. come tompl aorrow and thursday, those chances will move up. this is just kind of lingering around the northeast. so our rain chachbss will be staying up over the next few days. so just make sure you have your umbrella happen day. temperatures in the meantime for tonight will not be as cold. last night and this morning, only about the mid 50s right now. we will be dropping again overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, 58 degrees. clouds hang around by noon tempature in the low 60s. we will be, once again, milder. and then the chance of rain goes up tuesday, especially as we go
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to the middle portion of the week. i'll show you a timeline coming up. >> sky force 10 over the scene of an armed robbery in montgomery county. it happened in the 2500 block of gener jenkingtown road. a bucks county home had to be evacuated because of a fire on belmont avenue in doylestown. we're told firefighters got it under control by 9 :00 and residents are back in tonight. no one was hurt. no word yet on the cause. we're learning tonight that the red cross is helping more than 50 people who are out of their homes after this high-rise fire in center city. 13th and spruce, we're told that fire started on the ninth floor of the ten story apartment building. no one was hurt. investigators are looking into how the fire was started.
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>> a judge's ruling means they won't be chashlged for health care for now. the teachers sought that ruling after the reform commission cancelled its contract back on october 6th. then, today, that judge issued a temporary injunction preventing the commission from tearing up the contract yet. looking into what it all means and what's to come. she joins us live with more. >> reporter: well, the fight between the union and the school district is now in the court. and, today, the union won the first round. >> i do feel it is a temporary victory. >> reporter: steve flemming is just one of many teachers that are pleased with the hearing in court today. >> we have many people that
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recognize that this battle doesn't necessarily belong in the courts, but at the bargaining table. >> a judge stops the order to contribute to ward health departmentcare benefits. the teacher's union sought the ruling after the school reform commission cancelled its contract earlier this month. >> i think the judge made the correct decision and i'm very happy about her decision. >> the teachers should not be the funding source for the school district. it is not the teacher's responsibility to fund the system. >> but the src says philadelphia cannot afford to keep giving teachers free health benefits. the district will appeal to the common welt court. >> we consider it to be a temporary hold. he're going to take other legal actions immediately. we're going to appeal this order. >> the district wants to impose $140 a month. they say their decision put $44 million back into the classrooms. the union argues both parties
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must go to arbitration before any changes can be made. he says if he loses in court, he'll consider quitting. >> the worst case scenario is me packing up and steeteaching elsewhere. >> it's a story we'll continue to follow, for now, we're live in spring garden unbc 10 news. >> turning to a scary situation in paradise lancaster county this afternoon. a school bus was hit by a dump truck and overturned. police say the dump truck rolled through a stop sign. some neighbors were able to get the four students and four aadulthooadul adults off the bus. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> turning now to concerns over the ebola outbreak. they may have had contact with one of the three people who had the virus in dallas. meantime, the people closest
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to to the first and only person to die of ebola in the united states are trying to resume their lives. friends and family of thomas eric duncan have just passed a 21 day incubation period safely. a doctor who survived the deadly virus has been released from emory university hopt in atlanta. this video shows the patient arriving there last month. he contracted ebola while working in west africa and requested that the hospital not share any information about him. >> boil your water. that's the message tonight after a water main break in part of bucks county. it happened yesterday on bustleton pike. most people have water, but the township is urging you not to drink from the tap. for a full list of streets affected, go to >> a corrections officer ha been suspended after authorities say he allowed a prison inmate to escape.
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he was caught wearing his prison jump suit and no shoes this afternoon. the county spokes personal tells us the inmate had escaped from einstein medical center, montgomery, where he was being treated. >> now the latest in the atlantic city casino crisis. tonight, the owners are fighting donald trump's lawsuit to have his name removed from the struggling casino. agreed to remove the name from the now closed trump plaza. but it refuses to do the same for taj mahal. donald trump says the company allowed the casinos to deteriorate and hurt trump's personal brand. trump is no longer a part of the trumps resorts company. >> millions of people driving cars with potentially defective air bags. >> plus, breaking her silence. the infamous intern from the bill clinton impeachment scandal speaks in philadelphia.
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the warning monica lewinski is giving tonight. >> m coing up, i'm show you a timing of the rain and how long it will stick arnold. that's next. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news.
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this just in. oscar delarenta has died. his wife tells the new york times he passed away at their connecticut home. he dressed movie stars, first ladies and some of the world's most famous brides. the designer was 82 years old. he had been battling cancer. >> federal safety regulators say it's a message that comes with urgency. tonight, more than 4 million vehicles are being recalled for air bag problems. and the feds say they need to be fixed right away. the recall covers vehicles from
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different car makers dating back to 2 02. the problem is with inflaters that can rupture, sending metal fragments flying out in a crash. at least four people have already die. the recall is honda, toyota, maza, ford, chrysler, nissan and mitsubishi. >> in chicago today, president obama cast his vote for the 20 14 midterm election. this was the first day of early voting in illinois. the president and other democrats are urging supporters to vote early this year instead of waiting until november 4th. they're hoping to lure voters who frequently skip the midterms. >> monica lewinsky back today.
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16 years after her reputation was destroyed online during the clinton impeachment scandal. lewinsky called herself the irs if victim of cyber wullying. she's vowing to put purpose to her past to stop people from being, "humiliated to death accounts. ". >> that's what happened to me in 1998, when public monica, that monica, that woman was born. the creature from the media lagoon. >> the forbes under 30 summit brings together entrepreneurs with a goal of changing the world. >> she recently became the youngest person ever to win the nobel peace price. and now she's set to be in the city of brotherly love. she will receive the 2014 liberty medal at the national constitution center tomorrow night. two years ago, she was shot in
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the head by taliban for advocating for girls' rights to education. she has been a global advocate for the cause. >> love seeing this. a surprise welcome home for a marine corps officer. >> friends, family and military support groups rally at mt mt. ephraigm. she says police and fire departments, warriors and operation yellow ribbon has been overwhelming. >> my mom said we're going to have a little pizza, just a get together with family and friends. to have this much support is incredible. >> it's glad they got together. she'll have two weeks with family and friends before heading back to a military base in california.
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a star-studded night at the union league for philadelphia where the vision for philadelphia award ceremony was held. pennsylvania governor tom corbett made an appearance as well as vice president tia williams and my talented cole-worker, jacqueline london served as emcee. >> well, we had a nice day today to start off the week. we did start off e out the morning with patchy frost in some areas. temperatures in the 30s. it's not going to be that cold tonight. still cool, but now we are tracking showers across the area. some counties are dealing with light rain at the moment. but there is a rain any stretch coming. we'll have a few days with higher rain chances. the clouds will stick around and those temperatures will be staying on the cool side in the
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upper 50s. philadelphia, mostly cloudy, mid 50s. atlantic city seeing clear skies, so the clouds vbt really made their way to many shore points right there. 54 in allen town, mt.pocono, 50 degrees. tech ch te techture temple temperatures are not as chilly as they were last night. so here's the rain that we were just talking ab. seeing a little bit of light rain, up towards 76 in parts of berks county. reading is reporting that rainfalling. this is continuing to fly north and toths east. it will be moving into the allen town area pretty soon here. but it's not heavy rain. it's on the lighter side. there is more rain behind us. you can see just scattered showers off around harrisburg. it's all part of the big weather system. a big area of low pressure around the great lakes.
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and this will slowly move into our area. it will hang offshore for a few days. i think some of the heaviest rain will be staying to our north and giving us some increasing rain chances oaf the next few days. a few passing showers into tomorrow morning, i don't expect rainfall for the morning commute. but, through the day, there is a chance we can have a few showers around. and then, as we go into wednesday, notice the clouds hang around. you see some scattered showers in the area. woe will be in an unstable atmosphere wednesday and even thushz. wednesday afternoon overnight into thursday, you notice the clouds around. some of that heaviest rain stays off to our north and that's all that low pressure. it's just hanging a you have shore so it will be continuing with the cloud cover over the next few days. just have your umbrella handy. mostly cloudy tonight, chance of a shower north and west. 43 north and west, tomorrow,
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mostly cloudy, chance of some afternoon showers, 53-66 degrees. i think most of the day, we could be staying on the dry side. but, on wednesday, that's when we'll have a few more in the way of showers. temperatures stay so cool about the upper 50s, especially with all of that cloud cover. even as we go into thursday, we're still going to see the rain chances. i think there will be periods where we're just kind of on the dry side. it really depends on where that area of low pressure goes. but, as of now, it's just going j$junortheastern coast. >> yeah, we don't like three days in a row chances, but it clears up for the weekend. >> it does. and temperatures bounce back to normal for this time of year. >> not that we should be thinking about normal. >> let's head to comcast sports net john clark. john, never too old for the sunday. >> never too old for the next sunday. the eagles, how soon will their
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offensive line be back together? sean mccoy, big test in the desert sunday in arizona. we will hear from him next.
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: hey, i'm john clark. the eagles are getting healthier. he will practice tomorrow when the birds get back to work. center jason kelsea is ahead of schedule and could possibly play in two weeks.
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a giant obstacle coming up. tonight, whatever it takes to we'll blow a team out or lose by a point and he knows. if you've got to leave people at the door x you've got to do that. on to the sixers, a bunch of players out again tonight in brooklyn. now, maryland hopes to play in the pre-season finale against detroit. rejekted by kchlt j. daniels. and then to elliot williams. the nets, too much. sixers lose 99-88.
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sixers now 2-5 on the pre-season. here are the flyers practicing in chicago. they've had the most penalties in hockey. this season, they have the fewest. what is going on? >> we don't have any tough guys. >> it's been way better, but it's early. we've got to continue to work on it. >> you see who dressed up for rocky for halloween? sydney crosby. you think a flyer is going to volunteer for the part of apollo creed? count on it. i'm john clark. we're right back. ♪
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. . >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring